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About Me

I'm basically Neo from The Matrix in real life



A list of my proficiencies and my résumé



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If it has electrons running through it, I know how to make them do what they need to be doing; and in the most efficient and economical way. It would be easier to list what I can't do than what I can.

Web Design

HTML5/CSS/PHP/JS. Emphasis on lightweight, cost-effective solutions. Proficient with everything from self-hosted LAMP servers to Amazon Web Services.


Digital surveillance systems, data encryption, network security, proper password habits and management. Keep your business safe!


I specialize in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in a businessess workflow and implementing technology that can significantly reduce wasted man-hours.


From professional Linux servers, to high end Windows rendering machines and custom gaming rigs, I can custom build machines that are tailored to your needs.


Network planning and diagrams, VOIP implementation, hardware purchasing consultations and installation.

Backup / Virtualization

Disaster Recovery Plans, Hypervisor implementation, software/hardware backup solutions. Make sure a power surge or faulty hardware won't bring your operation to it's knees.

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